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Movie watching can be a great pastime. With absolutely countless movies on the planet, you are the one to choose to watch anything you like. So thinking on how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing much to do? Or waiting for hours at the airport to catch a flight? Movies can be the perfect option then. Fetching quality videos to watch anywhere, anytime has never been that easier. Let me tell you how. A smartphone and a Wi-Fi is all you need to enjoy this portable approach to your usual movie watching.

Mobile apps have made lives lot easier. There is virtually an app todayfor almost anything you could think of.  A whole lot of incredible apps are out there on the roads, ShowBox being one of those highly sought after. ShowBox is an amazing entertainment app that could totally leave you mesmerised giving you an awesome movie watching experience. Not only it allows streaming of movies but also TV series and that too in extremely good HD quality. You no longer have to go to the theatres, can save much of your time and money. Download any movie of your choice without using torrents.


What makes ShowBox different from other apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you might think?

Well ShowBox is absolutely free. Yes, you don’t need to pay a penny to watch. Moreover, its veritable features and its authentic interface makes searching and streaming easier. With a huge database, ShowBox keeps on updating it with the latest movies.

Sounds exaggerating but ShowBox is truly one of the best video streaming apps providing you an experience like no other. Know why you should switch to ShowBox by going through its features below.

ShowBox app features

  • The amiable interface being neither very opulent nor too simple making it user friendly.
  • You don’t need to register or log in to use the app.
  • The awe-inspiring app does not demand any special technical knowledge to operate it.
  • Awesome visuals and amazing design.
  • Huge database of movies and TV series.
  • Careful and clean categorization of movies based on genres.
  • Easy downloading of your favourite movies and shows for later watching.
  • You can prefer order of movies according to your taste.
  • Choose a video quality compatible to your device or the Wi-Fi you are using.
  • You can also share downloaded movies with your friends in ShowBox.

In the modern era when the people are constantly trying to experiment “something new and better” in their Android phones with the help of Android applications, ShowBox has emerged as a true contender in the world of movie streaming apps.

The most striking features of ShowBox are elaborated below:

1)Free TV shows and movies on the ShowBox app

As mentioned above, ShowBox has a huge collection of movies and TV series to choose from. Desiring to watch The Ant Man, Minions, Age of Ultron, Avengers, Troy? Showbox has it all for you. You can also watch your cherished TV Shows right from The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones to Vampire Diaries. Amazingly you also get to find some old classics in ShowBox which you might not find even in Netflix, Kickass, Torrents. So when you feel like watching something as ‘The Fountain Head’, remember, ShowBox is there.

2)ShowBox app Video Quality

Video availability is not the sole concern, the quality of video obtainable is yet another aspect worth taking into regard. While some popular websites like Putlocker or Solar movie meets you with a lot of issues concerning run image or video quality, ShowBox does not disappoint you in this regard. Giving you full information about the searched video, you got to choose a quality as per your convenient bandwidth ranging from 360p to 720p.

3)How to use ShowBox?

Being neither sophisticated nor too simple, SHOWBOX’s interface will surely allure you. As you launch the app, you are directed to the movies section where you can carry on limitless scrolling, in case you are unable to figure out any specific movie to watch. It suitably has its various options placed with the menu button at the top and search button displayed from left to right. You can move to the TV SHOWS option, if your mind is craving to watch some TV series. If you desire to enjoy a movie some other day, bookmark it under the favourites section. Choose a movie, click on it and you find being directed to the movie graphic page where you can preferto download it or watch it right then. During your first time, you would be asked to decide on a default video app to enable your streaming. Be very careful in it. Because once you choose, all videos in future will be played by this video player only.

 Installing ShowBox on Android

Interestingly ShowBox app is not available in Google playstore. You need to get the .apk from other external sources.

  1. Firstly, change the settings in your Android cell phone as follows.

Go to Settings >Security > Unknown Sources.

  1. Then download the apk for ShowBox from the following link


  1. If the latest version doesn’t work sometimes the older version may work.


  1. After downloading it, install it in the usual procedure.

How to Fix Unfortunately Showbox has stopped

ShowBox app is also available for other platforms including

SHOWBOX is also available for Laptop, PC, iPhone,MacBook, Chromecast, Kindle Fire,Blackberry and Xbox too. So, the next time you get bored we hope that you have the ShowBox app for your handy use.


Hometown is America’s premier buffet restaurant which offers a delicious variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. It is a casual dining restaurant that serves a variety of American dishes which includes appetizers, prime rib, steaks, seafood and more. Apart from all these delicious food items, the restaurant also offers seasonal specialties and mouthwatering uniquely prepared desserts. They provide an incredibly varied and expansive menu for their customers. Not many restaurants offer so many varieties of food and so much food at such low prices.

Hometown buffet provides a very friendly environment to all the customers. Whether you are planning to go with your family, with a small group or with a large group, they make it easy by providing the facility of online reservations. Value for money is always a big factor when you are going out to eat and nothing offers as much value as one payment for limitless food.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Hometown Buffet Prices makes our list for great value. They offer several promotional offers to family and military personnel. They are a chain of restaurants and all the locations are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have around 168 locations throughout the US, and remain one of the most popular buffet restaurants on the market.

Lunch and dinner are the main meals that are served here. While during weekends, breakfast buffets are also available and that menu includes yummy food like bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc. The Hometown buffet prices are one of the best in the market, so people are always ready to go to hometown buffets to enjoy delicious meals.

Hometown buffet prices are pretty simple too. Through the entire week, prices of lunch and dinner remain almost same. There are even special deals for children of various age groups and for elder people which means money can be saved here also. The food provided are very cost efficient. Breakfast and lunch prices never exceed $10 and dinner price never exceeds $13. Since people who go there, they know how much they are going to spend approximately and if you know you are going to eat such delicious foods at such efficient rates, it becomes pretty clear why hometown buffet prices are considered as some of the best.

Hometown buffet prices are great for families, they have fantastic prices for kids and elder people, making them a fantastic destination for hungry families. Children under the age of 2 eat for free and they must be accompanied with and adults. For ages 2-3, it costs $2.49, ages 4-7 is $4.49, and for children aged 8-11, it costs $6.49. These are very economic rates considering the food and offers, along with the choice to eat as much as you can.


Hometown buffet hours generally start from 8.45 AM from Mondays to Thursdays and close at 8.30 PM while on Fridays, the buffet hours close at 9 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, they have breakfast buffets, so they open at 8 AM and close their doors at 8.30 PM and 9 PM respectively.

If you want to have some mouthwatering fun and it should be within your budgets, then you must visit hometown buffets because their food are delicious and hometown buffet prices are very pocket friendly.


ipad-video-app-itunes-movie-trailersLife’s fast, and so is our time and work space. Smartphones and gadgets have become an innumerable part and parcel of our lives. Everything now, is just a tap away. Food, cafes, stuff to buy, rides to takes etc. everything is now just a small tap on out phone screens away from us. In this case why movies should still be stuck in that age old go to theatre and see era?
So now, here are all the movies too, just a tap away. MovieTube app is a pioneer in providing this effortless and hassle-free access to movies possible.

MovieTube app is now one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows on. And the best part is, everything out here is absolutely free. This app offers a wide variety and choices in movies and TV shows thats one would like to watch. Almost all the latest movies are made available by the app for free to its users and that too they are presented in separate genres as well as according to the rating they get. This obviously makes it very much easier and convenient for the user and the other viewers to search for and decide on the movie they would like to see. And the best part is, all the movies are in HD!

This app is available not only for android users, but also for Mac and iOS. This app features more than 20 thousand HD movies and that too for FREE! The details of the movies are also listed with them. From Hollywood, to Bollywood, movies of all kinds are available. Even there is provision for the choice of language in which you want to see your movie. Almost 18 languages have been made available, out of the lot, a user can use any of the desired languages he wants to see his film in.


Hollywood, Bollywood, animated films, TV shows and what not! One can enjoy free streaming, that too in HD, of the shows or movies that he/she wants to see, and the fun part is, no registration is required for this streaming to be made available to the user. One can see a streaming as many times as he/ she wants to see. The MovieTube app is now, one of the most popular and heavily downloaded apps in its genre and has already been successful in carving niche for itself for providing best user service to its users. Users can see the movies, share about them over social media and other platforms and can even review or make comments too. Even there is a choice of selecting the desired resolution as the user wants to see.

Eventually, this app is a must if somebody has to boast about his/ her fast pacing life. Everything is just now a tap away like mentioned before. Now no more of standing in times for movie tickets at theatres… No more waiting for the repeat telecast of your favourite TV show…! Now watch your favourite TV show or movie anytime anywhere using this MovieTube app. After all, there is nothing better than FREE movies!!


Soccer is back and like every season, this is definitely going to be the most exciting season yet. All your favourite tournaments and we are here to tell you everything that is there to know about the four most watched tournaments and leagues in the world of soccer._75699424_football4


The Premier League is the most followed league in the world and it is also the league that starts before all the other popular domestic leagues in the world. The Premier League was formed in the 1992 when they decided to break away from the Football League. They generate 2.2 billion euro every year in the form of domestic and international television rights. The Premier League is broadcasted to 212 regions and entertains a possible audience of 4.7 billion according to statistics. The Deloitte money league shows that there are 7 Premier League teams in the top 20 if you rank them according to average revenue. Manchester United is the most successful club in the premier league history with 13 titles followed by Chelsea with 4 titles. Manchester United has turned into the most followed club in the world under the managerial of Sir Alex Ferguson, who is the most decorated manager in the history of football. The Premier League over the years has received a lot of positive reviews due to bridge between the top and the lower teams. The competition in the Premier League is fierce and any team can beat any top team and we saw that last season in the form of Leicester FC, when they won the Premier League after being a bottom placed team the previous season._89557186_bb43820b-6e3c-4d9e-a577-765eec0dc812


La Liga is known as the league of the stars and the league has been run by the two of the biggest clubs in the form of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real Madrid has won 32 league titles and Barcelona has won 24. These two teams have always had star players and biggest names of their generation. These two teams have featured players like Alfredo di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Luis Suarez, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Xavi, Messi, Cristiano Roanldo and many others. These two teams also are in the midst of one of the fiercest rivalries in the world and their derby match is called the El Classico but the La Liga is no more a two horse races and Athletico Madrid has also entered the race under the dynamic Simeone. They won the La Liga the previous season and placed second in the latest season.  Sevilla has also been performing very well in the international stage and we would love to see them compete for the league title this season.


This tournament was started in 1955 after many years of trial and error. Real Madrid is the most successful team in this tournament with 11 wins and they are also the current teams. The 2013 final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich was the most watched sporting event of 2013 and attracted360 million television viewers. This is played during the weekdays and the weekends are acquired by domestic cup matches. The winner of every domestic league in Europe participates in the UEFA champions’ league. Some popular leagues are represented by four teams like The English Premier League and the La Liga whereas the Serie A and the Bundesliga are represented by three teams. The defending champions and the winners of the Europa League enjoy direct qualification.

If you want to bet on the odds of the outcomes of games and tournaments, you can do that on the link and try your luck.


Many a times our relationships don’t work, after all nothing lasts forever. It can be due to any reason but after sometime we start moving away from the person who was the most vital part of our lives for a really long. First of all we try to put it off and deny it but when the reality starts hitting us, we get scared. We might still try to hold on to the relationship and avoid a break up or a divorce keeping the child in mind, thinking what might the child have to go through due to the divorce. Still sometimes we prefer breaking up rather than punishing themselves.

This is a very tough period for both the parents and the child. You can consult, if you are having any kind of problem and you can also consult them if you want some kind of help. Remember that if your kid is small then it’s going to very tough for him as he will not what is happening around him as the people he used to consider one, will be no more and he will have to see them separately after this. That’s a lot to ask from someone, who is still into cartoon. You will need to explain it to him carefully as to what is happening and what his role will be and what his position is. It is going to pretty difficult and hectic for him to see his things and time get divided between two people in two different locations. It is going to be difficult for him to see his parents separated and not tell each other those three magical words again. You need to provide your child with the best support that is possible from his parents and other relatives. He will take time to get used to it. One of the best ways to make him go through this stage is, doing things with him that he likes.  It’s very important to understand that is a delicate time and you should be sensitive now.

Co-Parenting After a Divorce

Now comes the ‘Me’ part. Self therapy really helps during this time. Even though you broke for some reason and you are supposed to move on from something that used to make you unhappy but moving on will make you unhappy too as breaking up leaves us vulnerable and insecure. Everything gives us nostalgia and we want to go back but always remember that you had decided to end it for a reason.

You will feel a lot of emotions together, like anger towards yourself. You will be angry towards your ex who is very normal but then it will go after sometime. Don’t over think which might make you take extreme steps. There might be guilty about the instances that you think that you could have handled better or something that you think might have saved the relationship.


There might be fear about your future and what you will do now, the break up might make you clueless as you get completely freed from your responsibilities of another person. Keep calm and think, do all the things that you always wanted to do but couldn’t because your ex didn’t want to. There might also be fear that your ex might take control of your child and that you might not be able to meet your child ever again. There is no reason to fear if you haven’t ever done anything wrong.

Learn to accept your fear and don’t be scared of moving on. Remember that everything is a learning experience and learn from your mistakes to bring out the best in you. Move on and start on your new journey.


If there’s one thing people like to splurge on apart from their homes, its cars. While there are a number of brands that you can invest in, you will always want something better than what fits your budget. If you’re looking for a great car in a low price, it is always better to opt in for used cars. There are a number of used cars under $10,000 that you can pick, however if you’re wondering why you should pick used cars over new ones, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Save Money

One of the most obvious reasons why you would invest in used cars is because you will save money. While you might find new cars that are priced low, they will miss a number of features and this means you will be compromising on the car you pick. When it comes to used cars, you will find a number of used cars under $10,000 that come with some amazing features and designs. This means you will spend lesser money on a better car. When you buy a used car, you also save on the tax that you would have to pay while purchasing a new car.


Better On The Road

While new cars come with some stylish and rather lavish extra’s, maintaining these parts will cost you a bomb. Older cars come equipped with all the features you need to make your drive comfortable, however new cars come with added features that just look good and add to the bill. The parts of the older cars are easier to replace and do not cost a lot. New cars on the other hand are made using expensive parts and replacing these is not cheap.



When it comes to a new car, you will always be skeptical about how well the car will perform on the road. When you invest in used cars under $10,000, this car has already spent a good amount of time on the road, the mileage is tested and you know that it will not let you down. This makes a used car more reliable.

If you’re just learning to drive, used cars are always better since they can handle more wear and tear in comparison to the rather delicate newer versions. Not to mention the heartache of denting a brand new car. There are some great dealers out there that will help you find the perfect used cars under $10,000.


Whether you are studying in the university or working for a company you will have encountered research paper writing. The long arduous process of translating the data gathered from the research into written form. Doing so will help you share the information to all the corners of the Earth. It is a difficult task at times that is why many groan over it. You will often hear struggling research writers say ‘please do my research paper for me’ either in a joking manner or out of desperation. To avoid such stressful experiences there are some good tips that you may want to keep in mind. After all many have gone through the same thing as you many times over and probably have learned the secrets to a successful well-written research paper. Hopefully, you will be able to use it to help you through your research paper writing needs.

Start With Organization

One of the probably most overlooked thing to do when writing a research paper is organization. Before actually writing you must organize your findings first. That way you will be clear on how you want to present your research paper to your reader. Not only do you have to organize your data but you must also organize your time in writing the paper. It would be great to create clear goals for your paper you will be able to allot your time well. This can help you also check whether you are on track in terms of progress on your paper. Another thing you will have to organize is the flow of your paper too. You have to think how you’d like to start, present your ideas and how you will end the paper. It has to be in an organized manner so readers do not get confused as they read.


Keep Track Of Sources

It is also good to keep track of your sources. You might find it stressful to suddenly lose track of them when you’re in the middle of writing and even at the end when you are organizing the notes to your paper. At times without realizing you might have gathered so much sources and it might forget to keep track. One way of keeping track of the sources is by listing them down. It is important to cite the sources you use in the research paper. Give credit to where credit is due. After all, should people use your work in the future you would like them to give you proper credit too, right?

Drafting Your Paper


In terms of pre-writing your paper, it would be a good idea to sort your ideas on paper. Maybe mapping it out will be useful to you in clearing out the flow you want to go for. From there on you can polish your ideas and start with a draft. If you think that just writing it all down once is alright, you better think again. It is important to do several drafts to further refine it. Sometimes you will find more things to edit with each draft.


Women often keeps wondering of the ways of getting pregnant or keeps on stressing herself thinking perché non riesco a rimanere incinta? Such kind of thought hops in when a couple keeps struggling every month to have a baby but fails every time. Hence to save all the beautiful ladies from so much of stress we have brought forth some tips which can help increase their chances of getting pregnant and give them answers to all questions about increasing chances of pregnancy.

Good health

The first and foremost thing which can help a women get pregnant is stay in good health. In most of the couples, one of the big reasons restraining them from getting pregnant has been their poor health. Infections or sexually transmitted disease can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Hence it is recommended to regularly visit doctor and have regular checkups done.


Have sex frequently

If you are looking up for ways of getting pregnant, then it is important that you have sex on regular basis.  It is good to have sex at least three times a week and it will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Also keep in mind, that having sex everyday may also not fulfil the purpose, as sperm needs some time to replenish as well.

Get pregnant with good sex

It is more often seen that couples while trying baby, misses out the fun in their sex. They do sex more like a job and does not share any passion or affection with each other. This can badly harm your chances of getting pregnant. Instead it is said that a good sex can help you good outcomes. It is even said that orgasm during sex can also brighten your chances of having a baby.

Be in the right position to get pregnant

One of the best ways to get pregnant is to know which position during sex is right. It is said that the right position to have a baby is the missionary position, as gravity helps sperm moves in the direction of egg. This also keeps the sperm inside the vagina for a longer period of time. so, if you are trying for a baby ensure to try sexual positions that use gravity to assist sperm flow down to the egg.


Use calendar method

Couples while trying for a baby often think how to get pregnant and in such a case the best thing you can opt for is calendar method. Herein, it is assumed that women has a regular 28 days cycle and they ovulate mid cycle. However it does not falls correct always and might not be accurate. To make this method more appropriate, one can use ovulation protection kits which proves a lot useful for couples to plan a baby.

Fertility charts for getting pregnant

Fertility charts are quite useful for tracking your cycle, however it has its own advantages too. There are chances that by the time you see the chart, you have already ovulated. Hence it is good that you keep seeing your charts to stay informed about when you ovulate every month.


An escape room is actually a kind of physical puzzle game. In this, the players are locked inside a room or a particular area. They need to use the hints that are hidden within the room to solve the puzzle given within a stipulated time. The various elements of the room hide the secret hints within them. The games are usually set up in different fictional locations that can add to the adventure like-

  • Prison cells
  • Dungeons
  • Space stations


There is a popular video game named ‘escape the room’. These games are actually the physical version of these games. First such room was created in 2006. Since then these rooms have become popular in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Israel.

The real life escape game is usually played by up to 12 players at a time. They need to beat the clock and try and escape from the room within an hour or the stipulated fixed time. For this, they need to work together as a team to collect all the clues available in the room to solve the given puzzle. Some clues might be easy while others might be difficult. There is no special skill required to play the game. What you need to win the game is a good team spirit. If the players-

  • Communicate effectively
  • Divide their work
  • Cooperate with each other
  • Search the room well


They can easily unlock the door within the fixed time. This is the reason the game is popularly used by the corporate organizations as a team building exercise.

If the players are successful in solving the puzzle, they find their way out themselves. In case they cannot solve the puzzle, they are led out of the room once the time gets over.


To display your stuff out there you need to have something really attractive and smart strategy to showcase your advertisements. The banner stands are the perfect things for getting your banners displayed as they are not prone to falling done provided they come with a heavy base. The shapes may differ and so does the base but these stands make sure that your flag stands tall even when you have placed them outdoors.

The real advertisement begins when you are displaying your banners outside the stall, and in that scenario it is best to have the vertical banner stands which can make your advertisement spree more forceful.

Which one to buy?

Retractable Stand

Buy the ones that can serve well different occasions. There are various situations in which you have to get your business advertised and depending upon the need you have to buy the right one. The varieties in which the stands are being offered are well-suited for different occasions and you have to bear in mind the suitability as well.

We shall talk about different types of the stands that you can have for the purpose so have a look on that:

  • Mini flag stands:

When you have decided to buy the mini flag stand then you have made the right decision for the occasion. It is easy to handle and needs to be kept with its base weighted and for that you can fill it with the sand or water so that it stands firmly on ground. Such stands have telescopic support made of plastic and are perfect for the banner that is made in the style of flag. There are several advantages of the stand as the banner can be made to pivot around the support that is made of plastic. The usage of these stands is perfect for both an indoor and outdoor use.


If you are willing to have the teardrop banner mounted then you have made a perfect choice for yourself. These can be used for the outdoor advertising and occasionally for the indoor advertising as well. The pole stand has got the lower portion built in aluminum and the upper part in fiber glass. The aluminum portion makes it a perfect choice when the location is windy and the banner gets tied up to the pole firmly without causing it to flow away. The extra stability feature is indeed the USP of this banner pole.


Yes, you heard it right! You need not obsess over catching your favourite program when it’s aired, anymore. You need not drop all your important work hanging as soon as your dearest soap opera comes on, anymore. All the relevant people apparently heard about your woes and have come together to keep you as pumped up as ever about your special Pinoy TV shows.


Pinoy Tambayan has long been the source of some quality family entertainment for all the Filipinos in every nook and corner of the world. It brings to the viewer drama, action, love, romance, thrillers, news, documentaries, information and what not! And to make it even better, the soap operas it telecasts seem so realistic and relatable that every Filipino basically gets enchanted and addicted after watching just a single episode.

The shows it broadcasts are mostly Philippines based only and therefore even more desired by the OFWs (or Overseas Filipino Workers).  Pinoy offers the Filipino scatterings a way to get in touch with their homeland, its cultures, traditions, values and way of life. It helps the Filipino diaspora shake off that brutal homesickness while providing them some stellar television entertainment.

GMA Network, short for Global Media Arts, and TV 5 are the two most publicly praised and celebrated Philippines based commercial television networks with a few of their stations catering to the Overseas Philippines population. They broadcast all the most watched and liked Pinoy TV shows on their stations like GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, GMA News TV International and Kapatid TV 5.

24 oras

Tambayan, which is a Filipino word for ‘a place for hanging out’, is a website that allows all the busy Philippines based folk and OFWs a chance to watch their best-loved Pinoy TV shows whenever the mood strikes or whenever they are comfortable. It posts recordings and videos of the TV shows broadcasted on the GMA Network and TV 5 so that its viewers can watch their shows online as per their convenience.  Tambayan offers its watchers the following advantages:

  • The videos are free to watch.
  • One just gotta have a device and a good speed, stable internet connection.
  • The quality is excellent, grades better than what is offered on other websites like You Tube.
  • It is, in fact, popularly the best considered website to watch Pinoy shows.


Tango once again has a new model for its long list of strollers. The Tango Smart double stroller is the latest model predecessor to the Tango Escape launched just months earlier. The latter is known for its maneuverability and the Tango Smart double stroller still got this feature and can even be better. You can easily turn left and right with this stroller despite having the babies’ weight inside it and even get through obstacles such as humps with ease.tango-smart Tango Smart Double Stroller’s Features

The best asset of the Tango Smart double stroller is that it never sacrificed the comfort of the kids in the stroller despite doubling its passenger capacity. The kids are locked inside the stroller through safety belts but they are still free to turn left and right and not seem too cramped up while being inside the stroller. The material used as cushion also has foams that will lessen the pressure of impact whenever the stroller passes through tough terrains and rough floor surfaces.tango-smart_large

The Tango Smart double stroller is lightweight which is why it is easy to maneuver with it even if you have two babies riding with it. Aside from its weight, it also very stylish and comes in different colors that you can choose from. The aesthetics aspect of products is never overlooked by Tango and it is quite clear that they also give efforts towards the style without losing its focus on the true purpose of the product and its functionality.

This stroller can be fully reclined and can be folded in order to fit on the car seat. The full-reclining ability makes the stroller more versatile so that it can easily be carried around or be loaded on the car trunk without consuming too much space. It also helps in terms of passing through narrow alleys and smaller doors.

The extras that come with the stroller such as the bells and whistles are nothing new that we haven’t seen from Tango yet. They are all standard and generic but they will already serve their purpose well. The bell can help entertain the child through the sounds it make while the whistle will serve as the stroller’s horn to announce to others passage.

The Verdict

The Tango Smart double stroller is user-friendly much like its simpler predecessor which is the Tango Escape. The looks of it may be complex but it is so easy to deploy, use and maneuver even with two kids riding on it. The features are also bolstered except for the extras wherein I think Tango could have done better. The style aspect is also a 9 or 10 for me since the stroller itself can be considered stylish even with just its basic structure when assembled for function.

For more reviews such as this on your prospect products out there, visit in order to have an idea of the product that you are planning to buy before shelling out any money for it. This is a smart way of getting feedbacks and opinions without being able to try the product first hand.


More than just a daily activity, cooking has become an art and even a profession with vast scope all over the world. Women in the house are more fascinated about the different cooking techniques used in different corners of the world. Their growing concern about health and fitness, has also made them conscious about cooking healthy, yet tasty food. This has given rise to the use of modern kitchen appliances.

Information about new upcoming or newly launched appliances is made available on various websites or blogs on the internet. One such most popular blog is “The freshome”. This blog gives us the info when a new appliance is launched in the market.

One of the fitness concerning appliance which is gaining popularity is the air fryer. The best info about airfryer can be obtained from ‘the freshome’ blog.


How is air fryer different from the normal deep fryer?

Air fryer is such a cooking appliance that uses 80% less oil and still gives you that crunchy and yummy taste of our french fries, tikkas or your delicious fried chicken. This equipment circulates hot air inside it all around the food and cooks it well from all the sides evenly without using much oil. It heats air up to 200 celsius.

According to the freshome, both, deep fryers and air fryers have a similar external look with similar control panels and temperature adjustment and timer knobs.

The major difference is the absence of oil tank in the air fryer which is present in the deep fryers, to pour in oil. Thus air fryer is a healthy alternative of cooking fried dishes. Sometimes you need to brush up your recipe with a dash of oil before putting in the air fryer, but this quantity of oil used is far more less than that used in the deep fryer.

Info about different air fryers given by ‘The freshome’

The freshome founded by Micle Mihai Cristian in 2007,  is one of the top most online magazine referred by more than 3.5 millions of readers all over the world. It keeps you updated about all the latest equipments, appliances, designs related to interior decor, architectural designs, kitchen and household.

Freshome has given detailed info about different companies or brands coming up with air fryers, and their price, capacity and functioning.


Freshome has provided details about air fryer models i.e Philips HD9230/26, philips HD 9220/26, T- fal FZ7002, Avalon Bay AB – airfryer 100B.

According to the freshome the best air fryer, if you are not much concerned about the price , then its the Philiphs HD 9230/26.

One, difficulty in cooking with air fryer is because of its small size and capacity in comparison with the deep fryers. While cooking in large quantity, you will have to cook it in parts. But if health is your first priority then you will find this appliance the most efficient one. This difficulty is any time much better than your heavy workouts and eating tasteless food or starving.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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